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First of all, let’s decide on the price range. There’s virtually no limit on how much you can spend on a gaming monitor. That’s why it makes sense to figure out a limit you won’t cross no matter what. There’s always a model just a little better for a couple of pounds more.

Second, decide what you’re going to play. RTS, FPS, MMORPG? If you can’t figure out what those abbreviations mean, you’ll be fine with a monitor that’s good for MMORPG (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game).

Under £100

There are decent gaming monitors for less than a hundred quids.

Given that your expectations are at the right place, you’ll have tremendous fun with just the simplest LED-backlit 22-Inch monitor you can get.

I happen to have a BenQ G2222HDL, which you can pick up for £92.65 at the moment. I know from experience that this display does very well in most games that are not dependant on performance or resolution.

It does 1080P Full-HD, which is not shabby at all. For a monitor of this size, it’s perfectly fine of a resolution, maybe on the fine side for users who don’t enjoy a perfect vision anymore.

I personally played World of Warcraft on it and it looks decent for less than £100. Never had the feeling that I’d do any better with a better monitor. Skills matter more than IPS, as I found out eventually.

I also gave Starcraft 2 a spin. Again, my skills are nowhere near enough to play at a competitive level, but the display itself never popped out as something that’d hold me back later.

These days it’s used for browsing and movies only and does them without a hitch.

The thing with this display is that it isn’t HDMI enabled, but the DVI port takes HDCP, so you can turn HDMI into DVI with an adapter for around £10-£15.

Between £100 and £200

Here be proper IPS monitors of the cheaper kind. Dell Ultrasharp U2312HM sells for £174.94 when I write this, which isn’t bad for a display that excels at anything that isn’t bleeding-edge FPS.

You’ll enjoy playing strategy or RPG on this monitor because it looks stunning. If you’ve never seen IPS before, take a look at an iPhone or an iPad. Those are built with a similar panel technology but are optimized for low-power consumption instead of picture quality.

A desktop IPS, like Dell’s U2312HM looks similar (perfectly visible from all angles), but better. Also, it isn’t glossy.

Again, no HDMI, so you’ll have to find a way to turn HDMI into DVI, should you plan to connect a console to it.

Limit’s the starry sky

When money is of no limit, you can get a great 120Hz monitor for FPS, or a 27-30″ IPS for hardcore RTS,RPG and MMORPG fun.

120Hz panels only come in the TN-flavor, so picture quality of epic proportions isn’t something I suggest you expect from them. Still, when every frame counts and performance is pinnacle, you don’t get to choose.

Such a gaming monitor would be a Samsung S23A700. It goes for £246 at the moment, which is no chump change for a 1080P 23″ TN panel. That’s how much of a difference a 120Hz panel makes in price (and gaming experience for those who need it).

Not necessarily a gaming monitor, but I wouldn’t chuck it back if I was given a Dell U2711. It rocks an S-IPS panel at 2560×1440. Should you choose this one, you may want to play somewhere there’s a carpet flooring, so you don’t hit your jaw too hard.

Also, you’ll need a monster of a PC to drive it at its native resolution in certain games. If you are searching for best portable usb c monitor

What next?

I suggest going for the BenQ G2222HDL if all you need is a TFT panel that does its job without asking questions. For the vast majority of customers, it’s a great pick.

Hardcore FPS players will want to pick up a Samsung S23A700 for £250-ish, or an S27A750D for a hair under £420.

RTS, MMORPG, and RPG fans, you’ll love a Dell U2711 or a U3011H, but these are not strictly gaming monitors in the sense that they don’t cater to most gamers’ wallets.

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